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STRING pressrelease on infrastructure, Swedish

This press release recaptures the STRING recommendations for a new and modern transport system between the Öresund region and Hamburg

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STRING pressrelease on Strategy 2030, German

This press release informs of the STRING 2030 ambitions, aims and targets, and how these ambitious goals will be met.

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STRING Regional Report 2014

A state of the region report, looking at the financial situation of the STRING area. The report also sets some indicators to measure future progress.

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STRING Strategy 2030

This doucment outlines the areas that STRING will focus on until 2030, and how the work will be steered and achieved

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STRING Strategy 2030 - Summary

This is a summary of the STRING Strategy 2030 -a doucment outlining the areas that STRING will focus on until 2030, and how the work will be steered and achieved

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STRING Strategy 2040

STRATEGY 2040: Clear focus on the Fixed Link across Fehmarnbelt. In the newly adapted STRING 2040 Strategy, focus is on the establishing of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link has the highest priority. he strategy focuses on six areas: Infrastructure, green growth, research, tourism, culture and developing freedom of movement across borders. Overall, the objectives of the new strategy are the same as in the previous 2030 strategy. However, these objectives have been more clearly articulated as has the means as how to achieve them. A strategy with the purpose of ensuring economic growth, jobs and a sustainable development in the corridor stretching from Hamburg in Germany over Zealand in Denmark to Skåne in Sweden.

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STRING Strategy 2040

The STRING partners have agreed on a new strategy 2040, outlining the future work of STRING. At the STRING political forum on the 20th of September 2016, the regional top-politicians approved the 'STRING Strategy 2040'. STRING's work is based on the vision to establish a corridor where growth, job creation and sustainability go hand in hand for the benefit of our people while sustaining high welfare standards and quality of life.

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STRING Supports suggestions for regional German railway investments - Swedish

STRING-partnerna i Danmark och Sverige stödjer delstats-regeringarna i Schleswig-Holstein och Hamburg i deras krav på förbundsregeringen i Berlin om en kraftig uppgradering av järnvägsinfrastrukturen på den tyska sidan av Fehmarn Bält. Detta är ett av resultaten från ett politiskt möte i dag mellan STRING-politikerna och regeringen i delstaten Schleswig-Holstein.

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STRING Supports suggestions for regional German ralway investments - Danish

STRING-partnerne i Danmark og Sverige støtter krav fra delstatsregeringerne i Schleswig-Holstein og Hamburg til forbundsregeringen i Berlin om en kraftig opgradering af jernbaneinfrastrukturen på den tyske side af Femern Belt. Dette er et af resultaterne fra et politisk møde mellem STRING-politikerne og regeringen i delstaten Schleswig-Holstein i dag.

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STRING Tourism Network press release

This press release outlines the tourism partnership between the STRING partners, and what this can bring to the region

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