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STRING factsheet- Danish

All you need to know about STRING as an organisation and a geographical area in one nifty 'cheat-sheet'. In Danish

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STRING factsheet- English

All you need to know about STRING as an organisation and a geographical area in one nifty 'cheat-sheet'. In English

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STRING factsheet- German

All you need to know about STRING as an organisation and a geographical area in one nifty 'cheat-sheet'. In German

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STRING Green Growth Strategy

This document maps the green strengths of the STRING region, and suggests concrete initiatives, profile projects, that regional experts have deemed essential to create a balanced and sustainable economic development in the STRING region.

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STRING Malmö Action Plan 2010

The STRING Malmö Action Plan builds on the joint STRING declaration of 2009, and sets out the future for the STRING Network – especially in the light of the Danish/German decision to build a fixed Femern Belt link. The paper also deals with the design of future Interreg programmes, and new structural and organisational forms for future cooperation in the STRING Network.

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STRING Management Plan 2011

This document sets out the management structures necessary for a cross- border political cooperation in the STRING region. As such, the paper deals with STRINGs suggested mission, vision, values, strategies, objectives and organisation – and also suggests an action plan for STRINGs future dealings.

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STRING Political Statement on infrastructure

This document was approved at th STRING political forum on the 27th of september 2012, and sets out the political recommendations from the STRING Network for the future infrastructure systems in the corridor Öresund to Hamburg.

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STRING Political Statement on Tourism

A joint declaration on tourism from the 6 STRING partners, agreed at the Political Forum on the 29th of August.

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STRING Position paper on EU funding

In order to increase the impact of the funding programmes for STRING projects, a new orientation from projects towards processes in regional development has to be established. This paper puts forward a number of points which the STRING partners would like to see be taken into account for the upcoming funding period 2014-2020.

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STRING press meddelande: Avgörande EU stöd till Fehmarn bält-förbindelsen

EU har idag beslutat sig för att preliminärt stödja den fasta Fehmarn bält-förbindelsen med ca. 5,4 miljarder kronor (589 miljoner EUR) i perioden 2016-2019.

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