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Green STRING Corridor Project Outline 2012

This document sets out the purpose of, and rationale behind, the Interreg project Green STRING Corridor. This is a subproject to STRING, aiming to establish a green transport corridor through the Öresund Region to Hamburg for international goods- and person transports that will minimise utilisation of energy and CO2 emissions per traveller and per tonnes, whilst optimising accessibility and mobility.

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Joint STRING EU Declaration of September 2017

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Lübeck Declaration 2009

This document outlines the joint declaration of the STRING partners on the occasion of the International Conference ‘Building new Bridges in the South West Baltic Sea Region’ that was held in Lübeck on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2009. The declaration builds on the joint declaration that the STRING partners signed in Malmö in 2006, and states the further parameters for the joint STRING cooperation

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Press release in updated financial analysis of Fehmarnbelt FIxed Link - Danish

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Programme - STRING seminar on tourism as a driver for integration (Bornholm 2014)

Programme for a seminar on tourism as a drver of integration and cooperation, to be held during Folkemødet on Bornholm 2014. In Swedish only.

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Status for High-speed networks in Northern Europe

Triggered by the Fehmarnbelt project, there are on-going discussions on the future perspectives of a high-speed link between Hamburg and Copenhagen. This vision is intended to make the mobility of people between the two metropolitan regions more secure, more efficient and more environmentally friendly, with priority given to social and territorial cohesion and economic dynamism.

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STRING Background Study Green Growth

The purpose of this Background Study is to present the full rationale, methodology and findings of a desk-based study aimed at identifying key sectors and policy actions that would comprise part of a Green Growth Strategy (GGS) for the STRING Region, undertaken on behalf of the STRING Partnership. The Background Study is intended to support the work presented in the Discussion Paper for a GGS for the STRING Region.

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STRING Briefing paper Green Growth

This Briefing Paper proposes a working definition for ‘green growth’ in the STRING Region based on consultations with representatives from the five regional partners (Region Hovedstaden, Region Sjælland, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein & Region Skåne). This paper presents the working definition and the rationale behind its development for review and agreement by key policy-makers within participating regional administrations.

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STRING Discussion Paper Green Growth

The purpose of this Discussion Paper is to present the concept of a Green Growth Strategy (GGS) for the STRING Region, including the rationale and findings of a desk-based study aimed at identifying key sec-tors and policy actions that would comprise part of a STRING GGS. This Discussion Paper accompanies and summarises the Background Study for the STRING GGS carried out by Earth Systems in September 2012. The purpose of the overall study is to propose a suite of key sectors for the STRING Region and to identify green growth policy examples within two indicative sectors in order to facilitate dialogue on the ultimate form of a STRING GGS.

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STRING factsheet - Swedish

All you need to know about STRING as an organisation and a geographical area in one nifty 'cheat-sheet'. In Swedish

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